The Aryavart Group of Institutions College Emblem symbolize the College in manner and purpose

The Vision

Aryavart Group of Institutions is dedicated to excellence in teaching and promoting genuine scholarship among its students and faculty members. The college believes that the development of such scholarship shall be contributory to the development of the youth in the country. The college is also dedicated to nurturing talent and providing opportunities for all round development, keeping I mind the contemporary needs of society and the workplace. The college hopes to play a lead role in capacity building of its students, preparing them for a pioneering and creative role in the development og the nation. It also hopes to maintain and improve the high standards set by its alumnae. Aryavart Group of Institutions envisions itself as continuing to be amongst the best colleges in the country, continually updating its pedagogic strategies and course structures.


Aryavart Group of Institutions is primarily an institution of higher education. Committed to fostering academic excellence through excellence in teaching and learning, the College provides a variety of opportunities for intellectual, social, moral, and spiritual growth in a conducive environment. The College actively cultivates intellectual, spiritual, ethical, and aesthetic values within the context dignity, freedom, and equality of every person and welcomes qualified women and men from all religious, racial, and ethnic backgrounds. Aryavart Group of Institutions College prepares its students to be responsible and sensible citizens to serve in their own society and the greater world community. The teaching-learning process at Aryavart Group of Institutions College is shaped by a view of education as a process of awakening the "teacher within," so that our students will become lifelong learners.

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